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The Beat Studios offers quality drum kit tuition for all Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced players (of all age groups). Students don’t need to have their own kit to start with, and will be shown how to improvise for practicing without a kit.

We have 3 main lesson plans to choose from:

1 Hour Fortnightly, ½ Hour Weekly and 1 Hour Weekly

We also offer One-off or Intensive Lessons and Gift Vouchers

Our most popular option is the one hour fortnightly lessons that run as five lessons per school term. Half hour weekly lessons are aimed at younger students (usually aimed at 5yrs to 8yrs). These spaces are limited, so please contact us to discuss availability. One hour weekly lessons are for those who wish to up-skill fast over a short or long period. Students need dedication to their practice to take full advantage of this option. We offer a discount to anyone taking this option, contact us for more information.

Goal Setting Program

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Becoming a good drummer happens practice by practice. Because we understand the goals of each student a are unique, we will provide individualised goal setting and practice programs.

When a student starts at The Beat, we will discuss your goals and weave these into your lessons. We have a specialised Goal Setting Program that some students prefer to use which formalises the process. Some students just like to know that we have their goals in mind and that we are working towards that within our program. Whatever your goal is, we will help you to achieve it here at The Beat!

Students leave each lesson with instructions on what to practice between lessons and are encouraged to practice on a regular basis.

Our specialised Goal Setting Program allows for student reflection which can help direct their tutor to focus on the students area of concern. While none of this is compulsory to learn at The Beat, students will be encouraged to participate to maximise their learning ability.

Drumsense Program

The Drumsense program is a musical approach to playing the drum kit. This approach focuses the beginner on co-ordination, time playing and enjoyment of the kit as a whole. The program uses play-alongs to develop time playing, style and feel and this enables students to apply their new skills when playing with other musicians. Drumsense develops concepts and technical ability leading to the drumming rudiments and many other techniques that are fundamental when developing drumming skills.


During Jonathon’s career, he has facilitated Trinity College, Trinity Rock and Pop, and Rockschool workshops around New Zealand. His in-depth knowledge of these exams is an asset to students at The Beat who wish to gain an internationally recognised grade in the drum kit.

At key points within the Drumsense Program students will have gained the technical ability necessary to start working towards graded exams.

These exams test all aspects of a drummers knowledge and ability, which include: Timing, Feel, Stylistic Awareness, Technical Proficiency, Sight Reading and Ear Training.

The Trinity College exams take place 4 times per year around April/May, June/July, Aug/Sept and Nov/Dec and the exams are adjudicated by an examiner from the U.K. Upon passing an exam (with a Pass, Merit or Excellence) a student will receive an internationally recognised certificate from Trinity College (U.K).

The Trinity Rock and Pop exams take place twice a year, around August and November and as per the Trinity College exams , these are also adjudicated by an examiner from the U.K. Upon passing an exam (with a Pass, Merit or Excellence) a student will receive an internationally recognised certificate from Trinity Rock and Pop (U.K).

What you will be learning at The Beat

Beginner - Beginner

  • Drumsense Volume 1
  • Beats - 5 Hi Hat Variations
  • Fills
  • Reading
  • Technique
  • Trinity College/Trinity Rock and Pop Grades - Initial, 1, 2 and 3
  • Drumsense solo example - Up to NCEA Level 1 ability

Beginner - Intermediate

  • Drumsense Vol 2
  • Jazz Rhythm
  • Brushes
  • Stroke Technique
  • Rudiments
  • Trinity College/Trinity Rock and Pop Grades 4 & 5
  • NCEA Level 1/2

Beginner - Advanced

  • Phrases become grooves
  • Phrases Become Rudiments
  • Chart Reading
  • Stylistic Awareness
  • Basic Latin
  • Double Kick
  • Trinity College/Trinity Rock and Pop Grades 5 & 6
  • NCEA Level 2


Intermediate - Beginner

  • Applications of Stroke Technique
  • Stylistic Awareness
  • Alternative Sticking
  • Odd Times
  • Reading and Transcribing
  • Trinity College/Trinity Rock and Pop Grade 7
  • NCEA Level 2/3

Intermediate - Intermediate

  • As Above but building on previously learnt concepts
  • 8 Bar Pattern
  • 8 Bar Pattern Applied to Kit
  • Stylistic Focus
  • Trinity College/Trinity Rock and Pop Grade 7 & 8
  • Cover songs for NCEA Level 3

Intermediate - Advanced

  • Stylistic Focus
  • Advanced Rudiments
  • Trinity College/Trinity Rock and Pop Grade 7 & 8
  • NCEA Level 3



  • Student Directed eg...
  • Focusing on Jazz School, auditions
  • Learning songs for bands
  • Constructing original drum parts
  • Metric Modulation
  • Recording
  • Concepts......etc,etc
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